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Association News + Curated Industry News + Individualized Subscriber Content

digital news briefings


Members look to their associations to provide the latest information and trends about their industry. With a data-driven news briefing customized for your association, your subscribers receive an individualized roundup of relevant news articles curated by a dedicated editor who understands your industry. Putting your association first, these news briefings further your brand and promote your organization as an informational authority.


Association Briefings has a feature set built with your association - and its messaging - in mind. From a truly responsive design to a team dedicated to your communication needs, we always put the association first, working hand-in-hand with your team to create a digital publication you can be proud of. Check out some of the features below, then schedule a demo to see how our news briefings can work for your association's specific needs. 




Association messages, graphics and articles customized for individual subscribers, initiated around data, NOT artificial intelligence - keeping your organization in complete editorial control. See how it works here.



Keep your members and subscribers talking! We incorporate flash surveys, association commentary, and videos into every news briefing, keeping subscribers engaged with your content.



Our mobile responsive design provides a tasteful integration of relevant advertising and content, sold by your association or us. It's another great way to earn additional non-dues revenue without overshadowing your content with advertising.



A dedicated editor, a consultative digital ad sales team, an experienced ad operations team, and an expert creative team are all working hand-in-hand with your association to produce a news briefing that reflects your association's image.

We offer a four-tiered model to accommodate the needs of all associations, regardless of size or structure. 

our models


Looking for a no-cost solution? Let our consultative sales team supplement your costs with this ad-supported model. Plus, we'll pay you a percentage of all sales in the form of tax free, non-dues revenue. 


This pay-for-service model creates additional advertising opportunities for your association’s sponsorship team, allowing your organization to keep 100% of the ad revenue while providing a valuable benefit to industry suppliers. You can even utilize our ad tech to serve the advertisements and report on results.


This pay-for-service model allows both your association and Association Briefings to sell pre-determined ad space into the news briefing. We'll pay you a percentage of all ad sales originating from us, creating a stream of non-dues revenue that can supplement the cost of the news briefing, or used for other association initiatives.


No ads? No problem. This pay-for-service solution provides a dedicated editor, any needed creative services, and the technology to distribute an information resource to your industry. You determine frequency and association content and we'll provide the rest.


Association Sponsorships

Hybrid Approach

Content Only

Show Dailies

Reporting LIVE from your event!

Bring your event into the inboxes of your subscribers.
Pre-written before your event, or written on-site where the action takes place, we've got your digital show dailies covered.

Solution Sheet

Ready to share this solution with a colleague? We've got you covered!

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