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[infographic] Moving Your Association Towards Email Individualization

Like other data-driven companies, associations should move away from “old school” email personalization in order to have more personal engagements with members and prospects.

Today’s consumers demand a relevant and personalized content experience. To meet these demands, associations must move to a one-to-one personalized email experience, driven by data. Email personalization doesn’t mean what it meant five years ago. It has certainly evolved into what many marketers are calling “individualization.”

Individualization means sending your members relevant content based on the actual individual - purchase history, past education sessions attended, location, renewal information, industry tenure, volunteer experience, industry segment, etc. The challenge? Associations must continue to gain better insights into their members and prospects to truly understand their interests, and in turn, better understand their intents.

To better understand the importance of email personalization and individualization, take a look at the numbers: 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement, and they see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences.

To help associations navigate through the concept and challenges of email personalization and individualization, Association Briefings presents the following infographic, “The Benefits of Email Personalization and Individualization for Associations.”

How Can We Help?

Association Briefings has a team of experts with over two decades of experience writing, designing and deploying email campaigns for the association community. Let’s chat about how we can help engage your members through individualized email communications. Reach out here to get started.


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