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As one of the fastest growing digital mediums today, podcasting presents a great opportunity for associations to educate and entertain an industry audience of members and non-members alike. Podcasts also serve as a prime engagement opportunity for associations ready to expand on their value propositions of being an industry thought leader. And, with average age of a podcast listener being 34, podcasting is another strategic way to reach a young professional audience. So how do you get started? That's where our content experts come in.


While podcasting started in the early 2000s, the medium has seen a drastic growth in the last few years. Podcast consumers listen to 6.5 hours of podcasts per week. And with over 2 million podcasts and 48 million episodes online, associations are certainly taking notice and looking to produce similar industry content for their members. We can help. Our association podcast offerings include:




Based on an association’s overall goals, we’ll develop a strategy focused on engagement and consistency, making your association an informational authority in your space. 



We work with associations to develop an episodic editorial calendar for the organizations. From there, we help prep hosts and guests for recording, creating a professional and comprehensive message.



We take an association's podcast from storyboarding and recording to post-production and promotion. And, we'll launch each episode across multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.



Once an episode is launched, valuable analytics are provided to our association partners, including number of downloads, audience demographics, access points, etc. 

We offer a two models to accommodate the needs of all associations, regardless of size or budget. 

our models



Looking for a low-cost solution AND non-dues revenue? Let our digital-focused sales team supplement your costs with this ad-supported model. We'll also handle the ad fulfilment, utilizing dynamic ad placement and providing analytics back to advertisers. 


Plus, we’ll pay you a percentage of all collected sales in the form of non-dues revenue.



No ads? No problem. This pay-for-service solution provides everything needed for a successful podcast, priced on a per episode basis. Price is based on a pre-determined runtime and includes a minimum 6-episode season. And if your organization is currently selling podcast sponsorships, we can help with the ad fulfilment. Contact us for a customized podcasting quote for your association.

solution spotlight

Looking for an example of a podcast we’ve produced? Check out these great podcasts from a few of our association partners.

Event Podcasts

There's no better promotion of your show than a limited series podcast focused on the event. Let Association Briefings strategize a podcast featuring exhibitors, speakers, attendees and staff. The end result is content that will drive attendee registration while drumming up excitement and anticipation for the event.

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