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Q&A with Frank Humada, Chief Business Development Officer


What attracted you to Association Briefings?

What intrigued me at first was the opportunity to reunite with AB's CEO Colby Horton, who has been such an incredible mentor in my career progression. But hearing more about the company's mission and quality of services to share with associations completely won me over. I feel confident, hand-in-hand with our association partners, that we can empower the voices of the organizations who work with us and create something these partners will be very proud of.


What draws you to the association community?

I really enjoy helping others, and with the association community being geared towards assisting individuals and companies grow and succeed, I find nothing more satisfying than being part of the movement. Having the opportunity to support associations of all sizes - and to inform and educate their industries in an engaging way - is a gratifying feeling.


In a few words, how would you describe your approach to business development in the association space?

Courteous, patient, and consultative. 


Where do you see the biggest opportunity for an association to grow using the services of Association Briefings?

Great question, but that will depend on the association. I want to listen and learn about what needs each unique association may have, and find the ideal solution. Every association is different, but in our exploration, we'll identify a strategy to aid in the success of the services, and growth of the association.


What challenges do you see for today's associations and how do you think you can help?

I believe that finding different or individualized ways to engage members is a challenge, and specifically attracting the attention of younger professionals or future members. With the rising popularity of podcasts and video communications, these Association Briefings services could provide new ways for an association's members to consume content and appeal to a younger audience. Also, a more individualized e-newsletter experience will not only deliver content specific to a subscriber's interests, region and member type, but will additionally generate a great amount of valuable zero- and first-party data for an association to use to better serve their members.


What do you look most forward to in being a part of the Association Briefings team?

There’s something really special about the association community and I’m proud to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to representing a company that puts associations first, while helping create a company culture that’s passionate about helping organizations of all sizes. I’m equally excited about making connections with like-minded industry vendors who can do some things we can't. There's no reason we can't all work together to build a stronger association world.

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