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Fertilizer, grain shortages contributing to rising food prices

UPI | 4 min. read

A shortage of fertilizer is one part of a confluence of factors behind rising food prices across the United States, as the Biden administration continues to look for financial solutions to help the agricultural sector.

Ukraine farmers persevere and plant millions of spring acres

Agri-pulse | 3 min. read

Ukrainian farmers are short on diesel, fertilizer and manpower. But Ukraine’s farmers are still planting their spring crops and planning to harvest their winter wheat to the best of their ability during the intensifying and bloody Russian invasion that has killed thousands and resulted in rising food costs that are hitting some of the poorest nations hardest.

UN: Russia-driven food shortage means cereal and corn will start running out in 2023

Fortune | 3 min. read

More than three months of war and blockaded exports are keeping Ukrainian food products from the world, and the UN warns we might be on the cusp of a food shortage. The whole world, that is.

Higher wheat yields and protein content on the horizon


Science Daily | 2 min. read

A team of international researchers has discovered a way to produce higher quality wheat. The scientists from the University of Adelaide and the UK's John Innes Centre have identified a genetic driver that improves yield traits in wheat, which unexpectedly can also lead to increasing protein content by up to 25 percent.

Healthfulness of grain-based foods has long been known

Baking Business | 3 min. read

Despite the prevalence of low-carb dieting over the past generation — a trend that keeps cycling back around with different names — grain-based foods have made up the bulk of people’s diet for the vast majority of human existence. Bread in various forms has served as the foundation of a meal and accounted for more calories consumed than any other food category. It’s only been since the 1970s and even more persistently since the late 1990s, that some people have truly shunned carbohydrates, and therefore, grain-based foods, to achieve what they believe to be a healthier lifestyle. 

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