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[infographic] Tips to Increase Your Association's Open Rates

Associations have stories to tell. And with the ROI of email campaigns topping 4200%, it’s no wonder that more and more associations turn to email to tell those stories. But how many times have you sent out an email to promote a conference, tout a new member benefit, or a message from your board president, only to see disappointing open rates?

Don’t get too down on yourself. Your members are busy. And you’re competing with all the other emails in their inbox. There are 306.4 billion emails sent per day. That number is expected to reach 347.3 billion in 2023. Included in that number is 14.5 billion spam messages sent out each day. It would literally take one person 142 years to read through one day’s worth of spam emails. Bottom line, your members won’t ever realize what your next “big story” is if they never truly see your emails.

So what’s an association to do? It’s a simple statement: better emails produce better conversion rates. But producing “better emails” isn’t always an easy undertaking. Association Briefings’ latest infographic should help, offering a look at benchmarking data and seven tactics to help your association increase email open rates.

How Can We Help?

Association Briefings has a team of experts with over two decades of experience writing, designing and deploying email campaigns for the association community. Let’s chat about how we can help engage your members through strategic email communications. Reach out here to get started.


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