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[ebook] An Introduction to Data-Driven Email Strategies for Associations

Data-driven email marketing is not only about using the data an association already has about its members, but also about the data it can collect through member interactions and engagements, ultimately predicting future behaviors.

While data-driven email marketing isn’t new - marketers have used it for years to add names to email subject lines - today’s email technology allows for the data to truly dictate the direction of both the message and the design. And while the tools are available, implementation isn’t necessarily simple. In fact, 81% of marketers say that implementing a data-driven email strategy can be complicated.

This ebook, "An Introduction to Data-Driven Email Strategies for Associations," provides the necessary introduction to get your organization on board with data-driven initiatives to improve marcom efforts and increase member engagement. Topics include:

  • A quick history of email marketing and its effectiveness today.

  • The types of data acquired by associations and uses in various marketing campaigns.

  • An overview of data-driven email marketing and the difference between personalization and individualization.

  • A 4-step process associations can adopt to implement data-driven email strategies.

  • Various types of data-driven emails associations find successful.

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