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[podcast] It's a podcast about podcasting...for associations

Today, there may not be a better way for an association to get thought leadership out to the masses than through a podcast.

What better topic to start this podcast series than to talk about podcasting for associations. Our inaugural episode features Darrin Scheid, CAE, marketing director at the American College of Emergency Physicians. He talks about how podcasting can help organizations reach young professionals; the challenges associations face when starting a podcast and solutions to those challenges; different formats to consider; and examples of associations that are successfully podcasting today.

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How Can We Help?

Association Briefings has a team of podcast and content experts ready to help with your association's strategic podcasting initiative. From pre-production to recording, editing, deployment, promotion and sponsorship sales, we handle it all. Let’s chat about how we can help educate, entertain and engage your industry through podcasting. Reach out here to get started.

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